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Online Spelling Bee for Grade 1 Lesson #1

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BigIQkids Spelling Bee Instructions.

When you’re ready to start your spelling bee, click on the ‘Ready’ Button. Each word will be called out by our announcer and then followed by a sentence using the word. The student should spell each word given then click on the ‘Enter Word’ button to submit your answer. If you enter a letter incorrectly, the game will mark the word as incorrect and show you the correct spelling. After each answered word, the spelling bee will automatically move to the next word. To hear any word repeated, click the ‘replay word’ button. When finished, answering all the words in your word list the test will grade your performance at the bee. On the results page, you can review your grade, spelling words, retake the test, or email your results.

BigIQkids online spelling bee offers a fun and challenging way to practice spelling. Good Luck!

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